Phew...phew... I'm late. I look and see from afar that the traffic light is changing to red. I run faster, but I'm late. I wait, nervous, and while I'm too busy looking for the opportunity to cross when no cars are coming, I realize that the light is already green and that people are already crossing the crosswalk....

...and that's how INKHU came about.

What is INKHU?

INKHU is synthetic creativity: apparently simple lines that evoke sensations such as stillness, silence and harmony.

We offer products for everyday use, made with quality materials and design, where the protagonistis not really the object but the illustration that we have captured.

Our philosophy

The stroke of INKHU's creations is subtle
because we want to link with the smallest details, where the beauty and the essence of things beauty and the essence of things.

Everything that only human intelligence and sensibility can capture and create.

Our mission

We have opted for simplicity, because we think that the absence of artifice is the most coherent aesthetic expression of what we want to communicate: to give value to time in order to live in a more conscious and creative way. To take life in a more relaxed way, because rushing is not always a good thing.

With INKHU's visual proposal we want to evoke stillness, the fact of looking, observing, waiting, appreciating the small moments, without the pressure of immediacy.