Hi, I'm Sara. Creator and illustrator of INKHU.


Where I come from...

I was born in Hunan province, China, but I have been living in Barcelona since I was very young.

I have been painting for as long as I can remember and have always had a great interest in art, especially painting and drawing.

Although I grew up in Barcelona, and my culture is from here, I also feel a strong connection with the culture of my origins, either in the way I think or in the way I do certain things.

My works at: @saraxuanfndz

INK = ink .. HU = Hunan ... = Hunan Ink

About the illustrations

The origin of the illustrations are some drawings and sketches that I never dared to show and that I did at a time when I felt very lonely.
That stage, however, made me grow, reflect and think in a deeper way.

That is the reason for the name of the collections.

The studio